Esencial Is a Journey


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Providing a safe, non-judgmental, rigorous, and welcoming space for exploring the issues causing you suffering, anguish, fear, anxiety, or uncertainty is one of the hallmarks of ESENCIAL. You can choose to pursue your process individually or in group sessions.

Couples Therapy

Creating, cultivating and remaining in a life as a couple is a challenge that implies assertive communication, tolerance, humility and determination. Most couples go through moments of crisis, which can become great opportunities for growth and transformation, or breaking points to take different paths. In any case, approaching these scenarios with serenity and perspective will be definitive both for the process and the result.

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Business Consulting

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We believe companies have the profound need to help build a more conscious, just, and inclusive society. To that end, we accompany leaders and decision-makers in holding difficult conversations, reflecting on ethical dilemmas, embracing conscientious leadership, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion through innovative, disruptive, and practical strategies that are in tune with the 21st century’s global public agenda.

Testimonials of our experiences

Gratitude Ritual, Rectoral Committee Universidad EAFIT

Isabel Cristina Gómez, Institutional Director

I had the opportunity to participate in a ritual led by the Esencial team; a wonderful experience, calm, serene, sincere, full of love and gratitude. In this process, I was able to recognize my co-workers, my boss, not only for the professional achievements that we normally share, but also to recognize us as people who inhabit an organization and who are united by a higher purpose.

It was also an opportunity to heal, to take a break, to reflect, to celebrate the achievements but of course to thank and recharge in order to face the future challenges in the organization.

Meditation Workshop, Sodexo

Ángela María Vélez, Commercial Manager

How do I describe what I experienced with Esencial? It’s like when you get a little box, you open it and you get a surprise that leaves you very happy, connected and full of peace and energy. It was a moment of a different connection, it is like a space of time that although it’s short, it is as if it had been there for a long time, capturing information that begins to serve you for what you are missing in life.

It allowed me to begin to know something that has always been there and that I always wanted to learn: meditation.

New Beginnings Ritual

Laura Velásquez

A ritual to give thanks and celebrate the union of Paula and Santi.

We spent a very special afternoon with Nathy and Maria from Esencial, guides of silence and meditation.

We met in a ritual full of symbols to forge the bond of a couple of friends we love. It was our gift to them and to us. It remained in our memories and in our hearts.

Thanks to Esencial for allowing us to give gifts that are not damaged, that are not lost, gifts that leave a mark.

Other accompaniments

Spiritual Counseling and Support

We accompany you as you work your way through your current situation or difficulty, offering an open and respectful environment and honoring the beliefs of each and every individual. Our conviction is that by connecting with our loving divine essence we are able to see life with new eyes and achieve transformation.

A space for dialogue and careful self-examination in which profound questions encourage reflection and offer tools that promote a better quality of life and more sustainable, humane, and coherent decision-making. Philosophy offers a path to self-cultivation, but it is also a quest for understanding in which the knowledge and insights one person gains are also shared with others. In that regard, engaging in the philosophical pursuit and bearing witness to truth also always has an instructional and didactic component.

We design workshops that promote the development of 21st-century skills, including active listening, communication, critical thought, and ethical discernment in both business and personal contexts.

We organize rituals that imbue life with meaning and engender feelings of connection and gratitude. The purpose behind the experiences we create is to honor life and its most significant moments.